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Craft and Design Fair Thursday 1 August to Sunday 4 August 2013
at Bengal Art Lounge

Craft and Design Fair from 1 -4 August 12.00-7.30 pm. at Bengal Art lounge. Pebb

জীবনানন্দ দাশের ‘মূলানুগ পাঠ ভূমিকা ও কবিতা’র জন্য বাংলা একাডেমি প্রদত্ত ‘মুনীর চৌধুরী স্মৃতি পুরস্কার ২০১৬’ অর্জন Monday 29 February to Thursday 1 January 1970
at SM Bengal Art College

বাংলা একাডেমি আয়োজিত অমর একু

Jal Pore Pata Nore at Barna Mela 2016
at SM Bengal Art College

Large gatherings of children and parents could be seen surrounding the Ja

চিত্রশিল্পী কাইয়ুম চৌধুরীর চতুরশীতিতম জন্মবার্ষিকীতে শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলি
at SM Bengal Art College

আগামী ৯ মার

We mourn for the passing of Khalid Mahmood Mithu
at SM Bengal Art College

Architecture Now! Next
at SM Bengal Art College

Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements (BIALS), in ass

রাবির আন্তর্জাতিক সংগীত সম্মেলনে প্রশংসিত বেঙ্গল পরম্পরা সংগীতালয়ের শিক্ষার্থীদের পরিবেশনা
at SM Bengal Art College

রাজশাহী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের (রা


SM Sultan Art College


Location Map

Residents of Narail and devotees of internationally acclaimed painter S M Sultan have long wished to create an institute that will give continued life to the master-artist’s spirit and ideals. At their request, the Bengal Foundation has reached out to assist in establishing the S M Sultan Bengal Fine Art College on a 1.5 acre estate on the lush, beautiful banks of the Narail’s river Chitra.

Once built, the planned complex will accommodate 400 students. Until construction is complete, the on-going work of sharing master-artist S M Sultan’s ideals and teachings will continue from the offices of S M Sultan Shishu Swarga.

Registered under the National University, College Code: 0412, the S M Sultan Bengal Fine Art College already has thirteen students enrolled in its five-year BFA course. A further ten students are enrolled in the two-year BFA (Pre-Degree) course at S M Sultan Fine Art College, Jessore. Enrollment for the coming academic year is still open.

Under the guidance of the College Principal, dedicated instructors train students in the disciplines of: Graphic Design, Drawing and Painting, Art History, Print-making, Pottery, Sculpture and Crafts. In addition, students are given a thorough grounding in Bengali Language, English Language, Social Studies and History of Civilization.

With the support of the artistic community, the Bengal Foundation hopes to develop the College into a nerve-centre of art in Bangladesh. One that will carry forward the spirit of liberal humanism that S M Sultan valued so greatly.

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